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Brownstone "The inside scoop"

Updated: Mar 28

Who are the Brownstone Specialists?

Why do we call ourselves the brownstone specialists?

At Infinity Construction NYC INC. we offer top-quality restoration of Brownstone facades and stoops while adhering to New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines. We aim for brownstone preservation and we are proud to say that we are one of the best Brownstone restoration Contractors in NYC.

Brownstone has two basic characteristics that determine its appearance and performance in buildings: composition and structure. Many companies fail to determine the quality of brownstone before starting a project. At Infinity Construction NYC INC this is our main priority.

The Phases:


At Infinity Construction NYC INC. the most essential phase in starting any project is the inspection phase. Determining what caused deterioration? The pre-consultant team explores current brownstone conditions to provide our customers with the finest brownstone repairs. The pre-consultant team explores the level of deterioration and possible causes. Initial investigation involves exploring the color, pattern, surface tooling and previous repairs made.

The Possible causes are:

Failure of its cementing matrix : (Mortar joints between the stones deteriorate, water finds its way into the interior bedding planes of the stones).

  • Exfoliation : The condition looks similar to the picture below.

  • Contour scaling : The condition looks similar to the picture below.

  • Disaggregation : The condition looks similar to the picture below.


During this phase, the Infinity Construction NYC INC team gets to work! Essentialities of the working phase depend on proper decision-making. This begins with using the correct materials. Many companies in an attempt to save money will use products cheaper in price.

The next step involves creating the proper repair mixture, which is the foundation of the project. Incorrect mixtures will result in unsatisfied outcomes.

At Infinity Construction NYC INC our masons have a special composite patching system that has been used for years. When working on a brownstone project color matching is an important part of creating the right composite.

Our team conducts a thorough examination of the existing stone to make the perfect match. Through surface finishing our experts ensure that the surface mineral grains resemble that of the natural sandstone. Experience, familiarity, knowledge, and education make our masons the Brownstone experts.


When a project is completed the Infinity Construction NYC INC team does not disappear. We schedule routine visits and ensure that proper maintenance is taking place. We educate our clients on proper maintenance techniques. A proper maintenance program can prevent deterioration or catch it at its root and cause necessary repairs. Maintenance is costless but once damages occur they can rip out your pocket ($$$$$$$$$$). That's why at Infinity Construction NYC INC we encourage our clients to protect their property offering tips and education!

Inside Scope Tips:

* Start at the top: Maintain your roof to prevent roof leaks from damaging the façade (water deeper)

*Keep the gutters clean

* Caulking open joints prevents moisture from infiltrating around windows, doors, etc.

* Vegetation, such as ivy, on or immediately adjacent to stone walls traps moisture and prevents the walls from thoroughly drying out.

* Maintain Flashing: Metal flashings protect ledges, lintels, ornamentation, and other projections that collect and absorb water.

* Repoint as Necessary: Crumbling, loose, or missing mortar joints should be repointed by a qualified mason.

* Use a professional mason to handle the cleaning: A gentle water wash or water and non-ionic detergent wash should be the first cleaning method attempted. Do not use harsh chemicals!


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